Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I always had 50 cents to take Kitty to the movies.

@1941 to 1942

When I worked as a laborer, it was my job to get sandwiches for 5 or 6 fellas at the grocery store. As I was standing there one day waiting for the woman to make the sandwiches, it occurred to me I could make them.

So I bought ham, cheese, liverwurst, rye bread, and mustard. I made them on the seat of my car and wrapped them in paper, and passed them out. The fellas never noticed the difference. I made a nickel off of each sandwich.

On Wednesdays, Kitty liked to see the new movies. She would ask me if I had 50 cents in my pocket, as the tickets were a quarter each. I could always tell her I did because of those sandwiches I made.

It would be pretty rough. We didn’t eat dinner. Kitty wanted to see 3 movies. We wouldn’t get out till midnight. Then, it would be too late to get something to eat, as it would break my fast for Communion the next day.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Open House at Nora and Dan's Restaurant

Tonight was a late night for me. Jack and I went to the open house from 8-10 pm at the new restaurant. It was a tremendous difference from a few weeks ago. Everything was painted and shiny. Joe's pictures were on the wall. Four of my children were there and my grandson Dan. I was only missing my daughter Elsie in Florida.

Nora was dressed up in a suit. Dan was dressed to tend bar.

Nora and Dan invited friends and family for food and drink on their opening night. They picked Monday as many of their friends are also in the restaurant business and that is a day off for many of them. There was plenty of food, drinks, music, and people. I was very glad to part of such a happy occasion.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Charlie's House and Barn

Yesterday, Kit and I went to see Charlie's house. I was a little tired, so I didn't get out of the car. Charlie drove up to the barn the Amish built this summer. That is me talking to Charlie just inside the barn. Kit took a picture of the men building a fence for the horses. It was a beautiful September day. After we saw the changes, we had a delicious meal at a local Irish restaurant.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Nora and Dan's Restaurant

My family has been very busy these days. Nora and my grandson Dan have been working on a new restaurant which will open very soon. Kit and I went out there to see the progress. They have been working all kinds of hours to get the place open. I have missed Nora's Wednesday visits, but I understand she needs to work on the restaurant right now.

Here is a picture of us standing by the podium which Dan designed.

Fifty Years Apart

Sunday, August 10, 2008

My Florida's Daughter's Visit - 8-9-08

All 3 of my daughters were with me on Saturday.

We had a grand time watching the opening ceremony of the Olympics on the TV. Nora had taped it.

Today was the 13th anniversary of Joe's death. Kit had pulled out some eye glasses, chains, watches and the like from boxes. Elsie was most pleased to take some home with her.

We ate all kinds of ice cream. I think I had 5 different kinds. On our way back, Kit and I stopped for a pizza . For lunch we had KFC. It was a day of calories. It is a good thing I have fruit and soup for lunch every day.

My Favorite Restaurant

There is a special restaurant in my neighborhood where they serve very good steaks, leg of lamb, baked potato, salad bar, and bread. It is called The Golden Flame.

For my 91st birthday, the waiters surprised me with a dessert and the happy birthday song.